Exit for a new entrance (Dubai-OFW Stories)

This is the post excerpt.


Stressed and anxiously I tried lifting my life. Working overseas is never easy, my creation of your prologue on my journey seems to be a little cliche. I have to understand the detrimental of my finishing touch. Right then I understood how life challenges.

Not the greatest but simply more of fortitude, it is but admirable that you can have the best of both worlds on a very timely manner. I just have to relax and think outside the box, and reach the limits of my own incapacity.

No sleep at all, Yeah! No sleep, just yawning! Waiting for the Visa for a chance of a lifetime. More awaits, positively taunting. This is the real life where problems are problems to be solved!

Try’na be happy, not much of wimpy! Well, at least experience can guarantee  on its list. Lemme life my lift, and call my renaissance!




It’s you, My love…143

The feeling is still the same. I’m still on his soul, and the pain is already cringing on my broken heart. It’s indeed so hurtful but there is something I am holding on. I carry the pain as I’m battling the heartache. Change is so difficult to find. The moment you cannot understand your feeling and you needed help to someone you love, but this someone has not been able to understand me and I’ts me whose guilty of making him force to destroy his feelings.

I really don’t know what to do, trying to make him miss me but scared of him forgetting me. The gamble of survival continues, as I’m eventually dying inside. I wish he can still feel my love, I really do love him still, after all, he has been the best part of my piece. He is the only person I look up at high. Him being gone is a riddle can’t be answered. The difficult to solve it, the vital he is. I am praying for his mighty love to hover him towards me.

In this situation, he is the one I wanted to see, feel and think. I can’t help but be crushed.

To that person, just so you know, it’s you who showed me what love is. It’s you who made me feel special. It’s you all along to everything. It’s you, my love. Please comeback soon.

143 all the time!




Loveless Flight

I was in deep trouble, when my urges go to sudden shock. I had enough of problems to carry out, unfortunately I fucked up my relationship with my best man. Getting sick, financial problems, visa problems then break up. What can be more unlucky? My loneliness starts to hover me. All grey and gloominess on my sight.

Sleepless night, stressed mind, soulless body…

All are effect, on my unfortunate affect

Releasing me free, on his love thy thee

I’ll be again single, drafted by heartaches

His words are my only craft,

“Live a life, we had enough”

Tears fell down, because it’s so tough!

And if it lies on the said hardened rock,

I’m still waiting for to come back.

Going home alone, with shirt plain white

That’s my life on it’s loveless flight.


Be with myself

When I learn how to buckle my own life with being lonely, it’s never easy. But when I totally rigged out the lonesomeness, I can be stronger. At the end of the road being by myself is not bad at all. I discovered a lot inside. Deeper than I thought.

I am happy though I’m the only. Doing everything to help yourself live up can’t be more challenging yet very surprising in the end.

They say, boredom kills, well, I just killed boredom!

(Shaid – Livin’ ett!)